Where to Stay in Dubrovnik – A Guide to the Best Neighborhoods

Finding where to stay in Dubrovnik can be difficult and you need to be equipped with the right tools. It’s a choice that can color your whole experience of this ravishing UNESCO-protected historic town.

We’ve partnered with Dubrovnik local  and created this guide to help make those things easier for you.


In the last few years, Dubrovnik has become one of the most desirable travel destinations. I have seen this magical city at the height of the season when thousands of tourists swarm inside the Old Town.

But I also know how special it feels during quieter times. This is when you can bond with its charms and stories in a more personal way.

The thing is, you can avoid the crowds even during peak times if you choose the right neighborhood to stay.


Some people won’t mind masses of tourists in the Old Town. Because, the truth is, staying in a 16th century stone palace is special, no matter how crowded the streets get.

Others will prefer a more secluded area where they can enjoy the sun and the sea as well as lots of beach activities.

Dubrovnik is a versatile place that can make any type of traveler happy. This guide will help you choose between 5 most popular Dubrovnik neighborhoods.

With suggestions of where to stay, what not to miss as well as plenty of insider tips it will make this choice even easier.

Where to Stay in Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik is not a big place, and wherever you choose to stay, the iconic walled town will only be moments away.

I’ll walk you through my favorite Dubrovnik neighborhoods, including the Old Town. I’ll also help you pick the best places to stay in Dubrovnik so you can have a truly great time.

Suggested Dubrovnik Neighborhoods

If you want to skip directly to any of the neighbourhoods in Dubrovnik, click on the links below.

  • Dubrovnik Old Town - UNESCO-protected historic center and the hub of main cultural attractions and activities
  • Pile - western approach to the Old Town, dominated by stunning Lovrijenac Fortress and offering plenty of amenities
  • Ploce - eastern approach to the Old Town, famous for luxury hotels and striking views
  • Gruž - buzzy local area with the biggest farmers’ market and excellent transport connections
  • Lapad - picturesque bay with a lively local vibe and a number of great beaches
  • Babin Kuk - quiet, secluded area famous for luxury hotels and a wow view to the open sea

Dubrovnik Quick Tips

When you pick where to stay in Dubrovnik, ask yourself what kind of holiday you’d like to have. Mostly relaxed by the sea or mostly sightseeing the historic center?

You can always mix and match your activities. If you stay near a beach, it only takes a quick bus ride to reach the Old Town’s buzz. Walking is a great option too as you can reach almost anywhere in about 30 minutes.

  • Dubrovnik’s orange buses are a great way to get around the city. Tickets are sold at any news kiosk and need to be validated on a small machine on a bus. A single ride costs 12 KN.
  • You can save money on city transport and sightseeing with a . There are 1, 3 and 7 Day options which include a bus pass, entry fees to various attractions and discounts to restaurants and gift shops! Get it online for additional 10% off, in which case a 1 Day Card costs 171 KN.
  • Uber is also available in Dubrovnik and is cheaper than the local taxi service.
  • If you arrive to Dubrovnik by car, you need to consider the parking options. For example, there is no car access inside the Old Town, and even outside the City Walls, parking can be scarce. Elsewhere it gets easier. Check this before your arrival.
  • Check out some great rental car discounts here.
  • Dubrovnik Cilipi Airport is about 30 minutes drive from the center. You can take a regular airport shuttle bus to the main bus station in Dubrovnik’s Gruž neighborhood. A return ticket is 70 KN. One-way Uber ride costs about 180 KN.

Dubrovnik neighborhoods

Dubrovnik has 5 main neighborhoods. The Old Town is the main tourist attraction, whereas Lapad and Babin Kuk are known for wide open spaces and lots of great beaches.

Pile and Ploce are closest to the Old Town and are actually names of the historic entrance gates. Gruž is Dubrovnik's main harbor.

Where to stay in Dubrovnik neighbourhoods

Map courtesy of

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Plan Your Dubrovnik Trip

Croatia is part of the EU but we don’t use Euro. Croatian money is called Kuna, abbreviated locally to KN, and internationally to HRK. So $1USD=6.28HRK.

You can use the for up to date conversions.

If you’d like to know more about the history and the look of Kuna, read my post about .

The busiest time in Dubrovnik is June-August. It’s also the hottest part of the year, with temperatures rising up to 38 degrees Celsius.

Don’t forget your sunglasses, a sunscreen, and a hat. Check out our Ultimate Packing List for more tips.

If you want to avoid the crowds, plan your trip in May or September-October. The weather is warm enough for swimming and sightseeing is more pleasant. At this time of year, the nights are cooler so pack a long-sleeved sweater for a night out.

Most Croatian beaches are made of pebbles or rocks. If you have sensitive feet, it’s a good idea to pack plastic shoes for water.

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#1 Dubrovnik Old Town

The heart and soul of Dubrovnik


The beautiful Old Town Walls of Dubrovnik

It is the majestic Old Town that earned Dubrovnik the title of the Pearl of the Adriatic.

If you’ve been tempted to visit, it’s probably because you saw the stunning images of this Medieval walled city, entirely made of white stone.

Dubrovnik Old Town is quite small and compact but every street and house is part of its timeless appeal. This is the home of the city’s best historic and cultural attractions.

If you are looking where to stay in Dubrovnik that will keep you central this is the place for you.

The Old Town also brims with great restaurants and unique bars and cafes. And because the place is so exclusive, be prepared for slightly higher prices than elsewhere in Dubrovnik.

This also applies to hotels.

First-time visitors always love staying in The Old Town because all the iconic sights are close at hand.

This is where you can walk along the famous Stradun (the main promenade), tour the amazing City Walls and visit beautiful Baroque palaces, such as Rector’s Palace and Sponza Palace.

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Where to stay in Dubrovnik near Old Town


where to stay in dubrovnik pucic palace

Hotel Pucic Palace

Housed in the stunning 18th-century palace, this opulent hotel fuses historic charm with beautifully designed details. Complementary parasols & deck chairs on the nearby Banje beach. Free fast Wifi, airport shuttle, room service, babysitting services.

No parking.

Check out Availability & Prices

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where to stay in dubrovnik hotel stari grad

Boutique Hotel Stari Grad

This historic residence has recently been renovated to a high standard. You will love having breakfast on their rooftop terrace with the panoramic views of the Old Town and the Adriatic Sea.

Free Wifi. Airport shuttle. Paid parking.

Check out Availability & Prices

Booking.com / Agoda.com Trip Advisor


where to stay in dubrovnik prijeko palace

Prijeko Palace

Rooms in this historic palace are individually designed and range from the modern to the Baroque style.

The iconic view of Dubrovnik rooftops is available from every room. Free Wifi. Family rooms. No parking.

Check out Availability & Prices

Booking.com / Agoda.com / Tripadvisor

Things to do in Dubrovnik Old Town


Exploring the streets of Dubrovnik

- take a walk along 2 km long fortifications that encircle the entire Old Town. The views to several Medieval fortresses as well as to the open sea are amazing.

Stradun is the main street that stretches the whole length of the Old Town and if perfect to soak up its charms.

Franciscan Monastery houses the oldest working pharmacy in Europe that opened in 1317.

Rector’s Palace was once the seat of the government and today is the most important public building.

Sponza Palace is a beautiful 16th-century building that houses the archives of the most important historic documents about Dubrovnik

Gornji Ugao Tower used to be a cannon foundry where you can now see all parts of the original production process.

Gundulic Square is a wide-open area with sprawling cafe terraces, featuring a great farmers’ market every morning.

Buza bar is a unique bar with seating sprinkled on top of rocks just outside the City Walls.

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Suggested Tours

  • City Walls Walk - the best way to experience Dubrovnik City Walls is to go on a guided walk and hear stories about each sight you pass along the way.
  • Game of Thrones Tour - even if you’re not a GoT fan, you’ll love this themed walk that takes you along the most photogenic sights in Dubrovnik.
  • Dubrovnik Food Story - this is a fantastic way to learn about the rich local cuisine and taste great dishes along the way.
  • Ghosts and Mystery Tour - if you’re staying a bit longer, this tour is a great way to experience Dubrovnik in a more unusual way.

Getting There

There are two entrances to the Old Town - through Pile and Ploce Gates.

The Old Town is completely pedestrianized. This is important to know if you have lots of luggage with you, in which case you can arrange with your hotel to meet you at one of the gates.

Many buses stop at the Pile Gate and connect the Old Town with other Dubrovnik neighborhoods. See this .

gets you a free bus pass to within Dubrovnik and discount coupons for out-of-town routes.

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#2 Pile - Western Approach to the Old Town

At the Old Town’s Doorstep


Pile is known as one of two gates that lead inside the Old Town. During high season, this entrance can get very busy with people slowly making their way in and out.

But Pile is also known as the site of the Lovrijenac Fortress - a magnificent 11th century fort built on a 37 m high rock.

This is also where lots of city buses end their route so it’s easy to reach other Dubrovnik neighborhoods from here.

The area is buzzing with restaurants and cafes that are slightly less expensive than those inside the Old Town.

My favorite Dubrovnik beach - Dance beach - is close by. This is where you’ll find most locals going for a swim.

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Where to stay in Dubrovnik near Pile


where to stay in dubrovnik hilton imperial

Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik

Set in the historic building from the turn of the 19th century, this lavish hotel offers modern 5-star amenities. It boasts indoor pool, saunas, fitness and massage facilities. Free WiFi. Airport shuttle. Paid private parking.

Check out Availability & Prices

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where to stay in dubrovnik apartments aquarius

Apartment Aquarius

This is a cozy, pet-friendly accommodation with all the amenities you need.

Free Wifi, self-catering kitchen. Airport shuttle.

Some units have a balcony.

Check out Availability & Prices

Booking.com / Agoda.com


where to stay in dubrovnik porta guesthouse

Porta Guesthouse

Bright and airy, this guesthouse is just minutes away from the Old Town. Free Wifi. Family rooms.

Airport shuttle.

Some rooms feature a sea view.

Check out Availability & Prices

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Things to Do in Pile Neighborhood



Lovrijenac Fortress is one of the most impressive sights of Dubrovnik. The fort is detached from the City Walls and perched on a bare rock overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Its setting is so unique that it often features as a stage for Shakespeare’s Hamlet during the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

Dance beach [pronounced as Danche] is a wonderful secluded beach right below the Monastery of Mary in Dance. It’s one of the oldest beaches in town where many locals come for a swim. From there, you can hear the nuns ringing the bells to greet ships sailing past.

Gradac Park is a lovely green area close to the Pile Gate. You can stroll among the meandering paths and catch fantastic view into the open sea.

Street of Dubrovnik Defenders (Ulica branitelja Dubrovnika) is a long street that leads down to the Pile Gate. There is a stretch with wide-open vistas to the sea where you can stop and rest on a bench.

is experiencing quite a morbid rise into a tourist attraction. It was known as a suicide site but today lots of people visit it because of the spectacular views it offers.

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Suggested Tours

  • Sea Kayaking - one of the nicest ways to see the Old Town in its full glory is from the sea. Sea kayaking is a popular way to do it and many tours start from Pile. You are taken around the City Walls, to the island of Lokrum and to a secluded beach in Betina Cave.
  • Konavle Safari - you will love this off-road adventure through the amazing countryside just south of Dubrovnik
  • Dubrovnik Countryside Bike Tour - this is a great opportunity to visit bucolic villages south of Dubrovnik and get some exercise. Wine tasting is included!

Getting There

One of the advantages of Pile is being so close to the Old Town. You can walk inside in just a few minutes.

Reaching Pile from other Dubrovnik neighborhoods is easy as most bus lines end their root right at the Pile Gate. See this .

gets you a free bus pass within Dubrovnik and discount coupons for out-of-town routes.

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#3 Ploce - Eastern approach to the Old Town

Striking views of the Old Town


The views from Ploce are stunning

Ploce is known for several upscale and luxury hotels. This small area boasts the well-known Banje beach and an eye-candy vista of the Old Town.

Ploce is also the name of the eastern Gate into the Old Town. So staying here means all the major attractions are within a walking distance.

Ploce offers an easy access to the charming Old Town port, from where you can catch a boat ride to the nearby Lokrum island.

Cable Car to the Srd mountain is also a short walk away. And you won’t want to miss this absolute best Dubrovnik panorama from high up the mountain.

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Suggested Hotels at Ploce



where to stay in dubrovnik hotel excelsior

Hotel Excelsior

Only 5 minutes walk from the Old Town, this seafront 5-star hotel offers many luxurious amenities. It has a private beach, spa, indoor pool, hot tubs and spa.

Free Wifi and parking.

Check out Availability & Prices

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where to stay in dubrovnik villa ragusa vecchia

Villa Ragusa Vecchia

The 1830 villa decorated with wood and stone details is moments away from the City Walls. Free Wifi.

Fully equipped kitchenettes and paid parking.

Check out Availability & Prices

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where to stay in dubrovnik villa leoni

Villa Leoni

Located above the popular Banje beach, this traditional stone house offers modern amenities, including a kitchenette. Some units have access to a sea-view balcony.

Free Wi-Fi and parking.

Check out Availability & Prices

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Things to do in Ploce neighborhood


Ploce is a versatile area where you can easily combine swimming and sightseeing.

Banje beach is one of Dubrovnik’s most popular beaches. It’s a stone’s throw away from the Old Town with epic views to its fortresses and walls. Aside from lounging in the sun, the beach offers plenty of food and drinks options.

Lazareti is a set of historic buildings just outside the Old Town’s port that were once used as a quarantine. Today the buildings house exhibitions space, cafes and the popular Lazareti music club.

Porporela is a popular seafront walkway with the view to the City Walls and the Revelin Fortress. It’s a perfect place for a romantic stroll.

is a special forest vegetation reserve. You can easily reach it on a boat which leaves several times a day from the Old Town’s port. The island is pretty magical and a much beloved place for swimming.

Srd Cable Car is the best place to catch a memorable view of Dubrovnik and its surroundings. On a clear day, you can see as far as 60 km into the distance. There is also a great restaurant at the top of Srd mountain.

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Suggested Tours

Dubrovnik Super-Saver is a great tour that combines Srd Cable car, the entire Old Town and the City Walls.

If you’re staying in Dubrovnik for a short time, this tour will cover all the highlights.

Getting There

Ploce is within walking distance to the Old Town. Ploce is also the Dubrovnik neighborhood closest to the Cilipi airport.

Most hotels in Ploce have their own shuttle bus that takes you from the airport into town. Getting to Ploce from other Dubrovnik neighborhoods is easily done by bus.

You can check this .

gets you a free bus pass within Dubrovnik and discount coupons for out-of-town routes.

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#4 Gruž Harbor

The Buzzy Local Vibe


Overlooking the harbour in Dubrovnik

Gruž is the name of the neighbourhood and of Dubrovnik’s modern harbour. This is where you can catch a ferry to many islands in the Dubrovnik archipelago.

The area also features the largest farmers’ market in Dubrovnik where you can get daily fresh and delicious fruit and veg.

Dubrovnik’s main bus station is also located in Gruž. From here, it’s super easy to reach any other Dubrovnik neighborhood. The bus station is also the main traffic hub for out-of-town routes from where you can take awesome day trips.

Gruž has a lively local feel to it with lots of stores, cafes but also other amenities, such as car rentals and a tourist office. Parking is also easily available.

Hotels in Gruž are generally less expensive than in other areas.

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Suggested Hotels in Gruž



where to stay in dubrovnik hotel adria

Hotel Adria

Great Dalmatian food and most rooms feature a view to the Elaphiti islands and Lapad Bay. The closest beach Bellevue is 15 minutes walk. Indoor pool. Free Wifi and parking.

Check out Availability & Prices

Booking.com / Agoda.com / Tripadvisor


where to stay in dubrovnik berkeley hotel

Berkeley Hotel & Day Spa

This family-owned hotel has modern rooms and apartments. There is on-site wellness, spa, and massage. Paid on-site parking.

Free Wifi.

Check out Availability & Prices

Booking.com / Agoda.com / Tripadvisor


where to stay in dubrovnik hotel petka

Hotel Petka

Only 600 m from the beach in Lapad Bay, this hotel has good amenities and most rooms have a sea view. On-site restaurant excels in Dalmatian cuisine. Free Wifi. Paid private parking.

Check out Availability & Prices

Booking.com / Agoda.com / Tripadvisor

Things to do in Gruž

Gruž is a great place for taking day trips from Dubrovnik.

Elaphiti islands is a beautiful archipelago with three biggest islads Lopud, Kolocep and Šipan. Ferries from Gruž depart frequently. If you go early, you can see all three islands on a round trip in a day.

Sunj is a sandy beach on Lopud island that is worth a day trip on its own. If you want to spend a quiet day swimming, take a ferry only to Lopud and back.

Trsteno is the biggest arboretum in Croatia dating back to the 15th century. The park brims with unique trees and plants and also features the stunning Renaissance palace that was once the summer residence of Gucetic-Gozze noble family. You can take a bus to Trsteno from Gruž main station.

Ston is a historic town on the nearby Pelješac peninsula. It boasts the world’s second longest fortifications (after the Great Wall of China), amazing seafood (especially oysters) and superb local wine. Take a bus from Gruž main station and do a day trip.

Cavtat is a small historic town south of Dubrovnik that features beautiful architecture and beaches. It’s sometimes called the little Dubrovnik. This is the place to spend a day if you want to avoid tourists throngs in the Old Town.

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 Suggested Tours

Elafiti Islands cruise - you will tour the Elaphiti islands on a smaller and more intimate boat than a ferry and even enjoy a homemade lunch.

Dubrovnik Daily Sailing - this fab adventure gets you really intimate with the sea and you experience the Elaphiti islands in a special way

Pelješac wine tour and Ston town - this is a perfect way to see the historic Ston town and a few famous wineries located on the peninsula.

Getting There

Buses 1A and 1B go from Gruž to the Old Town. Bus number 7 goes to Lapad. You can check this .

From Gruž main bus station buses operate on out-of-town routes, such as towards Trsteno arboretum, Ston on Pelješac peninsula and Cavtat. Check the timetable .

Ferries to Elaphiti islands operate from Gruž harbor. You can check .

gets you a free bus pass within Dubrovnik and discount coupons for out-of-town routes.

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#5 Lapad

The sun and the sea at its best


Hanging out at Lapad Beach in Dubrovnik

Lapad neighborhood is a leafy residential area about 3 km northwest from the Old Town.

Unlike the historic Dubrovnik where streets and houses are built from stone, Lapad abounds with greenery that meets long stretches of the seashore.

Lapad is known for several gorgeous seafront hotels. But even with plentiful of accommodation, the area gives off a flair of airiness, especially through awesome views onto the open sea.

With many cafes, restaurants, and shops frequented by the locals, you won’t have a feeling of being in a tourist ghetto.

The reason number one for staying in Lapad is to enjoy the sun and the sea to the fullest. Wherever you walk in Lapad, a beach is just around the corner.

Some are managed and charge you to use a deck chair and a parasol. But you can always do what the locals do - walk beyond the main beach and find a secluded wilder stretch.

Read my post about why it’s a good idea to look for a .

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Suggested Hotels in Lapad



where to stay in dubrovnik hotel dubrovnik palace

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace

Completely refurbished with bespoke details by the Croatian award-winning designer group 3LHD, the hotel boasts views of the Adriatic sea and the nearby Elaphiti Islands. Free Wifi and parking. Fab wellness center. Private beach.

Check out Availability & Prices

Booking.com / Agoda.com / Tripadvisor


where to stay in dubrovnik hotel lapad

Hotel Lapad

Set in a beautiful historic building, the hotel enjoys a quiet location overlooking Gruž harbor. There is a large outdoor pool and all rooms feature a sophisticated mix of traditional and modern decor. Free Wifi. Airport shuttle, paid private parking.

Check out Availability & Prices

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where to stay in dubrovnik hotel zagreb

Hotel Zagreb

Surrounded by a lush garden, this hotel features comfortable and fashionably set out rooms. There are 4 illuminated tennis courts close to the hotel.

Free Wifi and parking.

Check out Availability & Prices

Booking.com / Agoda.com / Tripadvisor

Things to do in Lapad

Lapad Beach is the largest beach in Dubrovnik. You can easily spend a whole day there. There are plenty of bars nearby as well as a range of beach activities to keep you occupied.

Petka hill is a lovely forested area where you can stretch your legs and enjoy panoramic views of the Adriatic sea.

Cave bar in Hotel More is one of the most unique places to have a drink. It’s nestled deep inside a natural cave that was incorporated into the hotel design and stretches over three levels.

Dubrovnik Escape Room is a treat for the Game of Thrones fans. Their rooms are inspired by GoT storylines and characters and you actually get to save King’s Landing.

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Suggested Tours

Dubrovnik Sea Kayaking and Snorkeling Tour: Spend a morning swimming, snorkeling and sea kayaking on this action-packed 3-hour tour from Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Complete Tour- Three in one - walking, driving and boat tour - Game of Thrones Complete Tour will take you on the land and to the sea to over fifteen different filming locations, including the most beautiful views and must-see historic locations in the Dubrovnik area.

Getting There

Bus number 5 and 6 connects Lapad with the Old Town and bus number 7 gets you from Lapad to Gruž.

Bus number 4 connects Hotel Dubrovnik Palace and other seafront hotels with the Pile Gate. You can check this .

gets you a free bus pass within Dubrovnik and discount coupons for out-of-town routes.

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#6 Babin Kuk

The Exclusive Outdoors


Kayaking in Dubrovnik

Featuring lush greenery and ample seashore, Babin Kuk peninsula is a perfect area for a quiet and exclusive holiday.

You can always dip into the Old Town for the cultural and urban experience. But while here, pamper yourself in luxe hotel amenities, laze on the beach or enjoy long romantic walks.

Babin Kuk is also ideal for a family holiday, with lots of open space for children and plenty of water sport activities.

Unlike Lapad or Gruž, Babin Kuk is not a residential area where you’ll rub shoulders with the locals. This is the place for an intimate and exclusive getaway.

Most hotels are more expensive than in other Dubrovnik areas.

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Suggested Hotels in Babin Kuk



where to stay in dubrovnik hotel neptun

Hotel Neptun

This splendid seafront hotel offers gorgeous panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea. Most rooms have a balcony. There is a unique cliff-top pool, spa and fitness center on site. Free Wifi and parking.

Bike rentals.

Check out Availability & Prices

Booking.com / Agoda.com / Tripadvisor


where to stay in dubrovnik beach hotel villa wolff

Boutique & Beach Hotel Villa Wolff

Surrounded by Mediterranean greenery and palm trees, this hotel is known for excellent seafood. Shared sun terrace with deck chairs and parasols. Free Wifi. No parking. Lots of sports activities at an additional charge.

Check out Availability & Prices

Booking.com / Agoda.com / Tripadvisor


where to stay in dubrovnik hotel perla

Hotel Perla

The hotel lies along a nice promenade with charming bars and cafes, with the closest beach only 100 m away. The on-site restaurant offers a rich choice of local cuisine. Free Wifi.

No parking.

Check out Availability & Prices

Booking.com / Agoda.com / Tripadvisor

Things to do in Babin Kuk

Just pamper yourself with luxury hotel amenities and enjoy the great outdoors.

Copacabana Beach is the longest beach in Dubrovnik. With lots of food and drinks offered on site, it makes a great whole-day outing.

Solitudo Beach is another option for enjoying the sea. It’s a short walk east of Copacabana beach.

Coral Beach Club offers a more upscale beach experience and is one of Croatia’s best beach clubs, known for its cocktails.

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Suggested Tours 

Dubrovnik Sunset Dinner Cruise in a Traditional Karaka Replica: See Dubrovnik’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed Stari Grad, literally Old Town, from the Adriatic Sea with this romantic 2-hour sailing cruise in a 16th-century ‘karaka’ (carrack) replica.

Getting There

Bus number 5, 6 and 7 stop in front of the Hotel President and connect Babin Kuk with the Old Town. You can check this .

gets you a free bus pass within Dubrovnik and discount coupons for out-of-town routes.

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